Welcome to my on-line home. I’ve been exploring the world of the written word and not just reading it, I’ve been writing, also. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it sure is fun. I hope to share some of that fun with you.

I love to write science fiction and fantasy. What can be more fun than a made up world with different rules? Although, there is something to be said for puzzling out a good mystery and we all need a little romance now and then. Sometimes I need to keep my feet in this world and do some travel writing.

I will be posting some of my fiction here. You can find it under the Stories link. Every month I’ll be updating the story with either a continuation or when the story ends, a new piece of fiction. I’m doing this to make sure I keep writing. It’s a self imposed goal.

Links to my travel writing are included and as I add to the collection, those will be updated. I’ve included some poetry, but I don’t write much poetry so that will probably not be updated as often as it should.

Glad you could stop by. Hope you enjoy looking around.