About Me | An Introduction

I am a desert dwelling creature who enjoys the harsh beauty of the Sonoran Desert. I live among the javalinas, bobcats, Gila woodpeckers, Gila monsters, owls, snakes, coyotes, and many lizards. The desert is special, and it takes determined people to live, enjoy, and protect the environment.

I spent more than forty years in the corporate telecom industry while earning my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona, an Associate of Arts degree from Pima Community College and now that I have retired, I’ve been accepted into the Graduate Program for publishing at Western Colorado University.

What I’ve learned about writing is that it isn’t for sissies. It’s like growing older. It can be painful, but you learn as you go, and you keep moving.  I was lucky to land in the incredible writing department at Pima Community College. The teachers are top notch and encouraging. Through that program I learned to expand my thinking about the form of the written word and how to play with those forms.

Travel writing is a way to share some of the great places I’ve visited and now we have a travel trailer. I’ll be sharing some of our experiences with dragging a large pod behind our truck and finding beautiful country to hang out in. Besides camping, we travel to other exciting destinations like New York, Chicago, the Ozarks, and the list continues. I hope to share more about those adventures in the future.

I love to putter around in my garden. This can be challenging with the summer heat and the occasional freezes in the winter. I’m always trying to grow something that shouldn’t grow in the desert. Somethings surprise me and flourish and others wither and die. For me it is grounding and relaxing. When everything blooms in spring, my whole world is brighter.

I live with my husband and elderly dog, Sera. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I post what interests me at the time.